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"In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln


Meet Our President


Gary Bertacchi began his career in banking in 1978 and was President and CEO of two separate trust companies in Illinois for 16 years before joining the Registered Investment Advisory firm of Cooper Linse Hallman Capital Management, Inc. He currently holds the title of President and CEO of Triex Financial Services, Inc., an Illinois Registered Investment Advisory Firm, which was the named advisor to the Triex Tactical Long/Short Mutual Fund.

About Us

Originally established in 2005 and funded in 2009/2010, the Cord Vanderpool Foundation has since been helping improve the lives of individuals throughout the greater Chicagoland area – as well as all over the world – through numerous charitable functions and projects.

Created in remembrance of the Howard & Lois Cord and the Jack & Floridamae Vanderpool families, the foundation began operating in 2009 with the primary goal of assisting those in need and making a difference in the lives of individuals and other charitable organizations. Symbolized by the yellow rose, Floridamae's prized flower, CVF hopes to spread joy, happiness and most of all, inspiration, much in the same way Floridamae's garden did throughout her long line of friends and extended family.

We hope our efforts inspire you to go out and repay past kindnesses and generosities. It is our goal to try our very best to leave this world a better place than how we found it – even if we have to take it one person at a time to do so.

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