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CVF is very happy to partner with Jennea Welch in Awakening Lives and Restoring Families!

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Helping Hand

When you grow up in a home where you have lost a parent to addiction, it actually feels like they have died. Things that should come naturally to a kid, like feeling loved, having a heart-filled home, and awakening your potential in life instead feel like a crazy maze of confusion.

Just like me, millions of kids around the world have lost a loving connection with a parent. Many kids don't have a loving home, or are lost in their own confusion, trying to sort things out on their own. Together, we can make a difference in these lost lives! Together, we can AWAKEN the spirit of happiness. Together, we can restore HEART-FILLED HOMES!

Thank you for joining with me in the fight to reach young people in this Krazy world. Thank you for investing in the future of kids around the world. Thank you for partnering with Awakening Youth to give other kids the bright future that I am grateful to have found.

     - Jennea Welch


With a donation of $50 or more, I will be honored to send you your own empowerment necklace. These necklaces were designed by me to be a keepsake to represent the lives we are changing - together!

Choose your favorite design - The Awakening or  The Heart-Filled Home as a token of my appreciation and a symbol of hope.

The Awakening design is meant to serve as a reminder that every minute of your life is an opportunity for something new! It is my hope that by wearing it, you will be inspired every day, and will inspire others as well. 

The Heart Filled Home design is my hope that you will reflect and be filled with gratitude for your home and the ones you love. It also symbolizes the difference you have made in helping to fill homes with love. 

Please wear your empowerment piece proudly as a symbol of hope, love, and empowerment. You could also give it as a blessing to someone else, and share with them my story, your story and how we are partnering together to Awaken, fill homes with love, and save lives!


The Awakening


The Heart-Filled Home

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 Please include name, address, phone number, and which item you would like to receive as your free gift in the pay-pal note section.

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