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Creatures of this Earth require care and support just like everything else.


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Whether it be shelter, food or the need of a loving home, wildlife - be it contemporary cats and dogs or exotic animals such as lions and tigers, we believe in providing the necessary care to ensure these wonderful and lovable creatures lead long and healthy lives.

Projects and Partners Below



The Peoples Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) of Tinley Park, IL is a no-kill animal shelter dedicated to the protection of domestic animals, and to the attempt to

prevent animal cruelty in the surrounding communities. 

PAWS provides shelter to abandoned, lost and relinquished pets. Along with humane

education in animal care to the communities.


As the home to 50 large cats and other animals, Valley of the Kings nobly take in and care for large felines and exotic animals that have been injured, abused, abandoned, retired or mistreated.


Because of their dedication to providing the best available diet, housing, veterinary care and positive human interaction while also educating the general public concerning the bond between humans and animals in the natural world, we proudly support VOTK's efforts.

Valley of The Kings


Animal Welfare League


The Animal Welfare League was founded in 1935 to stop the suffering of animals that seemed common place in Chicagoland.


Since then, the AWL has remained committed to helping every pet find a good home.


CatNap From The Heart is a limited-access shelter for cats, birds and small mammals in LaGrange, IL.  Catnap does not euthanize for cage space, and there is no time limit for any animal.


Catnap is committed to finding the right home for every animal and to taking the time to carefully match the needs and the personalities of both people and animals. The organization works hard to ensure that all their animals are adopted into permanent and loving homes.


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