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Amreican Heart

CVF is very passionate when it comes to our US military veterans. They may be your friends or in your family. Deciding to put their lives on the line to keep our country safe.

The least we here at CVF could do to show our gratitude was to set up a project aimed at serving those who served us.

Projects and Partners Below

Veteran Snow Removal


CVF is assisting disabled and elderly veterans that are unable to clear the snow from their driveways due to physical limitations.


Our foundation will plow driveways as part of our giving programs.


We would like to express our gratitude to Wicked Warnings of Lisle, IL and Emergency Vehicle Technologies out of Mokena, IL  for donating a portion of their time to install the required warning lights on our plow truck.

CVF would also like to express our gratitude to KeyBar for their generous contribution to this program as well as the custom KeyBars. KeyBar is a business who makes custom key organizers.

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CVF is taking applications to perform basic home repairs for disabled veterans and disabled elderly who are in need of basic repairs to their bathrooms and/or kitchens, along with needed cleaning & painting.

The before and after photos are from projects, which were completed during 2016.

Veteran Home Repair



Disabled Patriot Fund


The Disabled Patriot Fund is a group of area business people and local officials who have come together because of a common interest to help disabled American veterans who have fought in the War on Terrorism by providing financial relief for local U.S. military families who have been adversely affected during their tours of duty.


The United States Veterans Arts Program (USVAP) is a Chicago-based non-profit 501c-3 that has melded contemporary veterans issues with community-based support, in order to highlight one of the most crucial concerns of our times: improving the health of the military and veteran population that suffers not only from physical disabilities, but also from PTSD and other mental health needs.


Watercolor Painting
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